A Lion Comes to Town


At the sound of a Lion’s roar, we came alive. The joyous dance went before, awakening those long lost of dreams.

His roar, His voice, like peels of thunder resounded love and mercy. This victory began so long ago. But to us now revealed.

The joyous procession reached my shore. With hesitation I looked His eyes pleaded, His roar enchanted. Awakened, my heart leapt with joy.

His roar, His love, His eyes, now bring life to all. This tide of love, this sea of mercy, awakening those who hear and see. Awakening those long lost of dreams.

So come alive! Hear His roar! Taste His joyous wine!

Grace like rivers flow: living waters. Processions of dancing and song. For this Bride-Groom Lion calls your name. Winter past, feasting begun. This procession, led by the Lion, leads to a land of plenty. A shore, fine golden sands, a street of gold, a bright and glorious light, As the Lion roars, victory resounds. A new city, a new world, A river, trees, healing of the Nation’s. A joyous dance, ecstatic joy. Celebration of celebrations, For the Lion has led His Bride home. Oneness of heart and life eternal. Dwelling together in Shekinah life: And the song heard on that day:

A Lion’s mighty roar!

( (c) Oliver Taylor 2019)

(Words inspired by CS Lewis and John Lucas song – ‘We’re Lions, you and I’)

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