What would happen if Jesus came to my house?

As I sit pondering this question I am in reasonable peace and quiet, window seat in Nero’s, had an Americano and there is a slight unease at my response to God’s question…

‘What would happen if Jesus came to my house?’

These are some of the answers I found myself giving…

  • Probably shout less or be embarrassed that I’m shouting so much
  • Feel uncomfortable… I’d probably want to run and cook a large meal, clean the house, sort the washing… Just like Martha

The story I’m referring to is Mark 1:29-34… Jesus heals many including Simon’s mother-in-law…

The first sentence simply states ‘after Jesus left the synagogue… They went to Simon and Andrews home.’

  • Left the synagogue… I don’t know about you but after Sunday morning at church I feel shattered… So adding to that list above… ‘If Jesus came to my house’… I’d add I’d be grumpy and tired after church…

Seriously, though, if Jesus came to my house, I’m pretty sure something extraordinary would happen.

He heals Simon’s mother-in-law from a fever. They have a meal and then, ‘after sunset’.. the real power starts to flow and he begins to heal the sick and cast out demons.

Why after sunset? Well the sick and demon-possessed have been hidden away for the Sabbath. Now that the Sabbath is over – sunset to sunset – they feel comfortable enough to come out. They are unclean. Unwelcome. Ashamed of their position.

But when Jesus visited Simon’s house their shame and fear was taken away. They were healed. Set free. Cleansed. Made clean!!!

What would happen if Jesus came to my house? I’m pretty sure all my imperfections, frustrations, minor ailments, would be overlooked as His loving, acceptance brought cleansing and healing to my family and I.

Furthermore, people from my neighborhood would be blessed too. My neighbours would be healed and delivered. Revival would come to our street.

The point is Jesus is in my home. He is in my life. He is known to my family. The Spirit of God lives within me and our desire is to make Him at home…

My next question, therefore ought to be, ‘Am I actively pursuing the ministry of Jesus?’ He healed a friend’s mother-in-law, healed the sick and cast out demons.

We see the imperfections and failures of our lives but in the midst of all of these Jesus is at work within us and, therefore, I have have faith to believe, within those whom God has entrusted us to build relationship with and fellowship with…

Let us pray…

Lord Jesus, may we live daily in the knowledge that you are present in our homes. May they become places of healing, reconciliation, deliverence and acceptance. May we actively pursue the things of your Kingdom so that when we are asked the question, ‘what would happen if Jesus came to my home?’ we could say with confidence He is already here. Look at the fruit. Amen.

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