God’s Delight

‘Our true intent is all for your delight.’ – Butlins mission statement

Here is an interesting thought…

At Butlins it is their chief aim to bring delight to those who stay with them. This means all you can eat breakfast and dinner, swimming pools, fairgrounds, activities for the kids, evening shows for the adults, disco’s, red coats at your beck and call, TVs in your apartment, a free tea bag and sachet of coffee, parks, slides, amenities galore… The list goes on. Much of this ‘delight’ revolves around our entertainment. It’s a show to keep me occupied for hours (and the kids) in order that I might relax.

The only trouble is the kids mess around at dinnertime (they are over stimulated), we (the parents) are run ragged by the end of the day, we eat too much, dash from one thing to another, hoping to find some enjoyment in the business of non-stop entertainment.

As I write this, our baby Benjamin, is fast asleep. Jo and the older two kids are swimming, and I have found time to breathe, do a sketch of a boat – I photographed yesterday by the harbour – and relax.

I have to find humour in all the frantic holiday fever (and I do love Butlins by the way!) But at the heart of Butlins’ desire is hospitality to their guests.

In the ancient middle eastern world taking delight in someone’s company looked like this… Abraham welcomes 3 guests. Makes pitta bread, cooks the best lamb, serves coffee and they sit together under a tree in the heat of the day to be attentive to the others needs, whilst conversing about the state of Gommorah.

Hospitality is truly based on relationship. Attentiveness to the needs of others. Living to bring delight to someone else is not about entertainment but about attentiveness and taking time to enjoy conversation and the presence of the one in front of you.

So much of our theology is based on a divine entertainment package. All inclusive. I run around trying to entertain God or I expect God to run around entertaining me.

But at the heart of Christian theology is God coming to earth in human form to have a relationship with His creation. This means an attentiveness on my behalf to bring delight to God but also it’s recognising God has already took delight in me.

‘Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’ – Psalm 37:4.

‘He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me.’ – Psalm 18:19

God delights in you! Not only that, He delights in you and provides you with your hearts desire and safety.

My response?! Take delight in the Lord… Be attentive to His voice. Serve Him wholeheartedly. Make him welcome in ALL I do.

Let our prayer today be this ‘our true intent is all God’s delight and help us to see that you delighted in us first.’

God bless you


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