Centred on the Presence

In a recent prophetic word we received for the Church, I felt firmly pulled up by my bootstraps by the Lord. Words to this effect, ‘the Presence is the key. Not organisation or programmes’, resounded in my heart like a huge gong being struck.

I realised I had taken my eye off the ball. Got carried away with Sunday morning formats (4% of my waking life), releasing gifts of the Spirit, prayer meetings, Sunday lunches, coffee in Nero’s, YouTube videos etc.

But God’s word rang like a peal of thunder in my spirit…

His Presence is the ONLY thing that can satisfy our longings and see the Hand of God revealed on earth.

David wrote, ‘one thing I have asked of the Lord…’ Israel set their whole wilderness camp experience up around the Presence. Solomon’s priests couldn’t get in the temple because of the Presence. Moses stood before a burning bush consumed by the Presence. Those who touched the Ark without authority died instantly because of the (Holy) Presence. Tongues of fire and swirling winds filled up a room because of the Presence. Peters’ shadow touched people and they were healed because of the Presence. Paul sent handkerchiefs for healing dripping in the Presence.

It’s all about the Presence… God’s manifest Presence aka The Holy Spirit…

He dwelled with God’s people in the wilderness tent and the Temple. He dwelled in His fullest manifestation in Jesus and now dwells in us… And loves to reveal Himself in our midst when He is made welcome by lovers of Jesus.

In all our striving, trials, work, child care etc. Let’s be lovers of the Presence. If the Presence is the key to ALL things of God, let’s make it our chief aim to pursue it, live it, read about it, release it, love it every day.

God bless you


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