‘Blessed are you who hunger and thirst after righteousness. For you will be filled.’ – Matthew 5:6

Hunger is a necessary thing. I soon get tired, grumpy and dramatic when I’m hungry.

Dinner (‘tea’ as we say in Yorkshire meaning evening meal) in our home is normally between 5pm and 5:30pm. After that I get more and more irritable. Occasionally, we have a meal for date night. In order to make it passed the kids bedtime without chewing a leg off, I normally need a snack or two to get through for a later meal.

Even when we eat a meal we begin to feel hungry again within a few hours…

God honours hunger for Him. Jesus addressing the disciples says that you are blessed if you are hungry for righteousness. If you are hungry to be right with God. How are we right with God? By faith in His Son.

Therefore, what exactly should we be hungry for? I believe in Jesus, therefore, I am right with God.

But the Christian life is a paradox….

I’m both full and hungry at the same time. I have everything I need in Jesus, and yet there is a longing for more of Him. I am righteous before God, because He who was without sin became sin that I might become the righteousness of God. And yet, for me to go places in God I have never gone before, I require a hunger for the deeper things of God.

After a meal I feel satisfied for a time. But I still need food to live.

After I have encountered God, and learned to put those revelations into practice, I soon become hungry again for more.

Why? Because God wants us to know Him. It’s the essence of the gospel. ‘I consider all things rubbish compared to knowing Christ.’ And when I know Him more. I am set for a life changing encounter.

Hunger keeps me close to Him. It saves me from apathy and keeps my heart humble, knowing that without Him I can do nothing.

My friends, continue to remain hungry for the Presence of God, for in Him you will be truly satisfied.

‘Hunger is the escort into the deeper things of you.. you satisfy.’ – Misty Edwards.

God bless you


2 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Beryl

    Thanks for all your encouragement, Ollie. You always seek to draw us closer to our Father. May our hunger for God be never satisfied so that we continue to seek for more of Him.


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