Shelter from the Storm

“Look, a righteous king is coming! And honest princes will rule under him. Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a parched land.” Isaiah 32:1‭-‬2 NLT

It was a windy January morning. I was sat in a Chaplains prayer meeting, gazing out of the window to the Slopes. The wind was blowing strong. The trees, although buffeted by the winds, stood firm. The branches swayed up and down. But the trees stood regardless of the storms striking them with icy fists.

As I sat looking at the trees. I began to see. God opened my eyes to see that the roots were deep and that, the reach of the branches, depended upon the depth of the roots. The deeper the roots, the deeper the reach. The wider the shelter.

You see, as followers of Jesus, we have roots. These roots go down deep into the soil of God’s Word and are fed by the nutrients of the Holy Spirit. The deeper our hearts go in faith into the depths of God’s Word, the further our reach and influence in the world.

Jesus reigns in Righteousness. He has right standing with the Father. He has been exalted to be the Name above all names. He is the Father’s appointed King.

He is in me and I am in Him.

We have,therefore, become princes who rule God’s justice. We too have right standing, and we have been given authority to rule in life. It’s not a rule to be selfish and arrogant but a calling to shelter others in their storms of life. As we go deep in Jesus and we extend our shelter to the world, God uses us as his Ambassadors and co-labourers to draw people into the love and shelter of the Father.

He is in me and I am in Him.

Many are walking around hungry for love, truth and mercy in a harsh world. They need the shadow of a mighty rock and the streams of water in a dry land.

I have a deep conviction that it us whom God uses to be this Shelter. He is in me and I am in Him.

How do we do it? Relationship. And our actions? As Paul says in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians ‘comfort, with the comfort you have received.’ This comes from our personal history with God, as we have learned to respond to the deep calling out to deep‘. Our trials, our discomforts, our disappointments, our pain, our heartache, our grief… If we learn to dig deep and allow God’s seed to take deep root in us, will become a spring of living water to others.

Freely you have received, freely give.

The Father is our Shelter and we, too, share that calling to be shelters to which, our loved ones, our neighbours, our friends can find the peace and comfort of knowing Jesus.

I am in Him and he is in me, therefore, I become the shelter, that He is to me.

God bless


Ps.. the above painting is the picture I saw. I managed to get it down on canvas a few weeks after I saw it.

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