The Church Boiler

Dear friends,

This year we survived the deepest snow that I have ever experienced. It was deep! The Beast from the East took hold of Buxton, bringing deep snow drifts, -10oC conditions, and for a few days we were cut off from the rest of the world! All the major road routes were shut in and out of Buxton. It not only struck once BUT twice! The kids thought it was great. Sledging, snowballing, snowman building, days off school!

In the middle of all this chaos, at the point where many people needed some community and human contact, the boiler at church broke!

Yes, it broke. Twice, we had to cancel a Sunday gathering.

Without a boiler, the church building became very cold, very fast. In fact, I honestly thought I was going to get frost bite, waiting in the building in case anyone missed the message that we were closed.

Our church boiler is a beast of a boiler. Its probably as old as the building (at least 130 years old!). It sits in the cellar and when it fires up, you can feel the vibration on the floor above. It rumbles away heating the building (that’s when its working of course!).

The boiler represents our life with Jesus. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to ignite us with passion and stamina for the journey. When we are relying on an old power source, or an experience, that happened a long time ago, we can miss out on the new things God is doing. We can become cold, cynical, frustrated, and eventually lose our joy.

But, if we keep the boiler up to date, if we catch what the Holy Spirit is doing now, we remain joyful, expectant and connected to the Father’s purpose now. We can easily rely on what we once had but hunger for the things of God is essential to keep us close to Him. To keep us in step with Him. To ensure we are hearing what God is saying now.

No matter, how many beasts from the east come against us, if we have an up to date boiler, maintained and serviced, we can continue to burn, even when there are minus conditions. If we continue to allow ourselves to be filled by the Spirit, we will resist all the icy blasts of the enemy, and continue to walk in the purposes that God has for us.

Let’s seek God for a new boiler for a new generation and no longer rely on the past glory days but look to the future and the purposes God has for us.

God bless you



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