Midwives of the Spirit

As a father, awaiting the birth of our 3rd child, I was naturally surprised by the importance of the midwives in Exodus chapter 1.

Many of you will know the story of how the Jewish nation was exploding in population within the confines of slavery and suffering. Their growth was so epic that the Pharaoh was scared. He ordered the death of all of the Hebrew sons. But the midwives took a stand. They loved God more than they wished to obey the command of a tyrent.

It struck me in this story that it was the midwives Pharaoh spoke to. What about the elders? Where’s the chain of command here? It turns out that in ancient Egyptian culture birth was seen as a supernatural event. An interaction between the spirit world and the natural world. And so the role of the midwives was of the utmost importance. They were seen as spirit aids.

It occurred to me that, as followers of Jesus, our role is similar to those Hebrew midwives. We are called to make disciples, aiding people into a new birth experience, (born again as Jesus says). Our role is to hear what the Spirit is saying, convey that message, so that those receiving the good news will be born into their true identity as children of God. Remember it is the Holy Spirit who is the evangelist. We are the midwives. There to support the Holy Spirit bring about new birth. We simply encourage, pray and teach the message of Jesus and the Holy Spirit brings about the new birth.

Who has God laid on your heart that you are spiritually midwiving towards the Kingdom of God today?

God bless you


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