The Colour of Glory

In January I felt God was laying on my heart a calling to be creative. We are all created by God. He is a Creator. We are made in His image and therefore, we too, are creators.

The call to be creative (not necessarily arty!) is a call designed to bring colour and beauty, not just to our lives, but to those around us also. A life lived out as a life of blessing.

The above painting originally began as an idea or a phrase from Hebrews Ch.1. ‘The Son reflects the Father’s glory.’ When you read the gospels you see Jesus living a life in FULL colour. It’s a life of creativity, healing, love and, ultimately, a true representation of what God is really like.

Often we get the impression from law keeping Christianity, or ‘don’t do that’ Christianity, that life is drab and, to live it out properly, you need to tow the line and live out the right rules…

But God’s glory, revealed in His Son, expressed in grace is vibrant and filled with beauty and colour. It’s like a wild party (without the hedonism!) filled with party streamers, carnival parades and exuberant praise!

The wonder of Gods glory, revealed in Jesus, is FULL of colour.

Ask God today how you are called to be creative: at work, with a paintbrush, in the kitchen, at school… Or wherever else His feet, in yours, takes you!

Blessings Oliver

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