Invitation into the deep

Into the Deep

Above is a painting I felt led to paint earlier this year. These are the words I felt Abba Father gave me to go with it…

I stand on the shoreline of God’s grace. Before me stretches the vastness of God’s reckless, raging, furious love. Mercy calling out to me, ‘Come deeper my child, come deeper.’ The gentle shoreline is lapped by inviting waves of mercy. I hesitate – too afraid to launch out. It’s so enticing. It’s intriguing. It’s energetic. His mercy calling out again and again, with each wave gently lapping at my feet. I breathe in deep, resolved to launch out into the deep. There I will find my Father. There I will increase my capacity to experience love and give love. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale… let go. I dive forward into the vast ocean of grace, mercy and love. Conquered by a tender love, a love I have never known. It soothes me, refreshes me, calms me, drives fear away until I realise, I have become one with the sea and the sea is one with me… like I had never been paralysed on the shoreline but as though I was made for the waters of grace. Mercy is my position. Love is my life vest. Grace is the deep… my Father’s delight, my Father’s pleasure.

Is the deep of God’s mercy, grace and reckless, raging, furious love calling out to you today? Why not dive in and see where the current takes you?



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