The Gift of Faith

Dear all,

We seem to be gaining momentum again. Things are happening that are miraculous to say the least. We have had some healing’s. Many of you are becoming more courageous. Things are being shaken! God is on the move! In the words of Carmen, ‘God’s got an army!’ and that’s what it feels like we are becoming… an Army of the Holy Spirit and God’s reckless love!

As I was pondering the different gifts of the Spirit, both relating to Sunday mornings and life, I was considering the role of faith in all of them. Paul, specifically, talks about a ‘Gift of Faith’, which we shall explore deeper in a Sunday service in November. But the Bible is full of references to faith! And its an absolute necessity for us as followers of Jesus. In fact, the writer of Hebrews says ‘…it is impossible to please God without faith…’ (11:6) Paul says that even faith relating to our salvation is a ‘gift’ through His grace. (Ephesians 2:8)

When it comes to the gifts of the Spirit. None of us can naturally heal someone. None of us can naturally speak in a supernatural language. None of us can prophesy. None of us can lead by the Spirit. None of us can be generous. None of us can have faith to move mountains! It’s simply something we cannot do. (Incidentally the danger comes when we access spiritual things without being connected to Jesus. Without Jesus as Lord it becomes occult and spiritually dangerous!) So with the gifts of the Spirit, as long as we are acting out of faith we shall please God. We may not get it right all the time but God responds to our faith… not whether we get it all 100% right. Lets be a culture like John Wimber referred to ‘everyone gets to play!’ In this way, we can learn together how to move, live and have faith in the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Be still Church. Know that He is God. Depend on Him and respond to Him by faith and you will see God do extraordinary things. As you respond to the things God is saying to us about the gifts allow yourself to step out in faith. Continue to desire the greater things.



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