Pressing forward to a sure infrastructure

Dear all,

It has been sometime since I posted here. Apologies if you have been waiting!

Over these past few months, God has been leading us on a journey to being a Body growing to maturity in Jesus. In reality, this has worked out with changing the Sunday services to make space to reflect how that maturity comes about. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:26 that when we operate in the gifts of the Spirit we are building one another up. In other words encouraging each other to maturity. Our Sunday services, have changed to create space in order that we may begin to allow space for the gifts of the Spirit as listed in Pauls letter. Sometimes, this may have felt like chaos. But many of you have courageously stepped up bringing revelations, prophecies, testimonies. There is always much more and I encourage you to press into God and keep asking for the greater gifts. To keep listening and asking the question, ‘What is the Spirit saying to the Churches?’

One of the prophetic senses we have had since we joined the church in 2016 is that the Father is wanting us to sure up the structure in order to be that people God has called to ‘Host His Presence.’ This has been happening in the physical. The Father’s Living Room, the re ordering of the back meeting room. We have other physical structural changes coming up to prepare us for growth and to be a dwelling place for God.

In the spiritual, we have also been seeing structural strength being brought… The Midday prayers for a year or so was the powerhouse of church and brought a stirring to the water. However, its always important to follow the Spirit, and so when the Spirit nudged us to show us that it had run its course we needed to listen. There will be other prayer events coming up!

We have now held two Schools of the Holy Spirit, No Longer Slaves and Sunday night Father’s Presence. All of these things have been stirring us in the spiritual realm. From September we shall be training up a Prayer Ministry team and having some exciting events. These are all to stir the waters and to provide space for God to move in and amongst us to make us a people ready to Host the Presence and to receive the harvest God has for us.

Please continue to remain faithful in prayer, the gifts of the Spirit and meeting together so we may spur one another on to maturity in Jesus.



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