Lifting up the Son of Man

‘Let all the other names fade away, until there’s only you!’ – Matt Redman

In my previous blog we talked about a time of transition. Part of that prophetic word was about The Father wanting to de-clutter our lives and move our faith from the head to the heart. He does this by drawing us closer to His Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus repeats a phrase 3 times… ‘When the Son of Man is lifted up…’

  1. John 3:14-15… This first instance Jesus is referring his listeners back to a passage that was familiar history to them, when the Israelites were in the desert. They grumbled against God and Moses and so God sent poisonous serpents amongst them. The cure that God gave in His loving mercy was an instruction to Moses to lift up a bronze serpent on a pole… Those who listened and lifted their eyes to the serpent, by faith in God, were healed. And so it is with us, when we lift our eyes to Jesus by setting our hearts on Him, by faith, we are delivered and saved from the poisonous darts of the enemy and sin.
  2. John 8:28-29… The second instance, Jesus is referring to His relationship with the Father. ‘When the Son of Man is lifted up then you will know that I am He…’ He is revealing His true character by pointing us to the act of salvation on the cross. When we lift up Jesus in our lives He begins to reveal Himself to us and leads us straight to the Father.
  3. John 12:31-32… The third instance, Jesus is talking about a drawing to Himself of all humanity. The cross is the Father’s way of restoring relationship and drawing humanity back to Himself, through HIS SON. When we lift up Jesus in our lives people are drawn to us, not because of who we are but because of WHO dwells in us.

How do we lift Jesus up in this coming season? …

We are starting a series on the book of Colossians. The message of Colossians is Jesus Only. We don’t need any other Name for salvation and life in all it’s fullness. In our daily lives let’s lift Jesus up through our worship, prayer, how we love one another, hiow we act at work… In lifting Him up, the Holy Spirit then sets to work in the secret place of our hearts to remove all the other names that we adore until there is ONLY Jesus.

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