Transition Time

During our Wednesday Midday prayers last week, we had a prophetic word released for the season we are entering…

‘It’s a season of transition. Just as the seasons have changed in the natural, so are the seasons changing in the supernatural. The transition is the head to the heart. The Father is removing the obstacles of the heart that have hindered growth and freedom. He is removing traditions, superstitions, blockages in order that the truth we know in our heads may find a home in our hearts. Its a season of the head to the heart.’

This was followed up with the words… ‘the winter is past.’

Of course as the natural seasons change the soil that has been frozen and hard is warmed by the sun and begins to soften and we find new shoots coming to the surface… snow drops, blue bells appear in the land.

So it is also with our hearts. When winter passes and the hardness and coldness of the spiritual winter ends, we see the seeds that the Father has sown in those seasons bursting out in bloom. We are intended to bear fruit and without the winter, fruit is limited, but the winter season hibernates the seed in order that when spring comes new growth is evident.

The season of the heart is about seeing our lives becoming more fruitful for the Kingdom of God, but that begins with the transition from the head (knowledge) to the heart (revelation) in order that we may walk in greater freedom of who we are in Jesus.

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